The William and Irene Beck Charitable Trust

“ALL MY MONEY” is a 12- lesson course on personal finance that is offered at no cost for individuals interested in learning how to improve their skills in dealing with money issues.

Each class is interactive, with participants asking questions, commenting on real-life situations, responding to handouts and collaborating with each other in small group activities.  Each participant receives written handout materials. 

Groups can choose as few as three topics or as many as all 12.  Meetings are arranged at locations and times most convenient for participants.  

Key Topics

1.Making Spending Choices

2.Envelope Budgeting

3.Understanding Credit

4.Handling Credit Problems

5.Checks and Checking Accounts

6.Using Financial Institutions

7.Managing Debt

8.Avoiding Money Traps

9.Choosing Insurance

10.Learning about Job Benefits

11.Learning about Public Benefits

  1. 12.Understanding Taxes

Contact for more information:

Bill Beck - 312-213-5944

William & Irene Beck Charitable Trust  903 West Webster Ave. Chicago  IL 60614



All My Money